Thursday, March 15, 2007

"When's The Idea Primary" article

fwd - "When's The Idea Primary" article

This is an article from "The Nation" magazine. The author Borosage makes a great point that the
1 media is not covering the actual policies of the leading Dem Pres candidates - Obama, H Clinton, Edwards. They are focused on the "horse race" aspect of who leads in polls, and verbal disses from random supporters.
2 Even worse, the candidates themselves are NOT focusing on policy. Instead their opting to be very generic on many issues

Aside from getting more specific policies, I'd also love to see a "resume comparison" of the different candidates. Off hand it seems Richardson has an incredible resume. However I don't really know if he sons everyone else Dem & Repub, or if there are others also on his level experience-wise.

Does anyone know of a site where they reasonably/objectively describe the 08 Pres candidates (both Dem & Repub)
1 policies
2 "resume"/work experience

If so, pls enlighten me in the comments.

I mean there are tons of political sites such as that break down minutiae like the 08 Senate race in Idaho. WTF? And the MSM (mainstream media) like focuses mainly on the horse race aspect, and are a big problem themselves by implying only a few big money candidates are viable by ignoring the Richardsons/Dodds/Huckabees/Hagels out there.

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