Monday, April 2, 2007

article - Rounding Off Their Figures

Interesting article on the "standard of beauty" for women in American society.

Anything that work against the "waif steez" standard is great IMHO.

Personally I find the super-skinny anorexic girls like the Olson Twins unattractive. But even for those that are attracted to women with a waif body type, it's not healthy for American girls & women that get depressed and get eating disorders trying to chase a ridiculous standard.

One thing that is annoying though is that it seems its not really pointed out that there are more "body types" then waif or fat. They are missing out on the 3rd "beautiful curvaceous" steez category. Trust me, if the average anorexic women gained 30 pounds they would not magically look live curvaceous beauties like Jessica Biel, Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce Knowles, or Serena Williams. In turn, there's a reason that actual fat women don't look like curvaceous crew. Some of that T&A is genetic and a glorious seeming violation of the laws of gravity.

Just like most women, despite extreme starving or exercising, can't attain the waif steez, most women don't have the genetics for curvaceous steez.

The main tragedy is the anorexic women who chase the waif steez, because that is an actual serious health problem. However, the unacknowledged 2nd tragedy is the women that are blessed with curvaceous genetics, that sabotage her figure to chase the waif steez. Props to J-Lo who achieved success while resisting the urge to do this self-sabotage.

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