Monday, April 2, 2007

Jean Grae interview

It's best to watch this Jean Grae interview by hitting pause & let the video buffer, then skip to sections 1:18 to 3:15, 6:43 to 10:30. The other stuff in the clip is miscellaneous crap not related to the interview.

BTW, Jean Grae is another example that "TI" music execs have no clue, word to Nikka Costa. The TIs must not think the American music market is large enough to warrant major-label promotion for even 1 woman MC, whose main attribute is being an ILL MC. Instead, they hype wack MCs that dress half naked like Trina or Lil Kim.

Especially with Lauryn Hill not making music, wouldn't this be a no-brainer?

Oh in addition Grae can alo sing well, & is a beauty, as if she needed more reasons to get decent promotion.