Wednesday, April 4, 2007

ShinSight Trio

This group Shinsight Trio made a great jazz-rap album, one of the best albums of 06, Shallow Nights Blurry Moon.

I guess it was released in Japan, it was tremendously slept on though. I only found out about it via It seems that hiphopsite and the other rap sites/blogs all went Schiavo-comatose on this album. Hopefully they at least got some recognition in Japan.

The MC Insight is from Boston. The other 2 dudes in the group are the Japanese cats, the producer Shinski, & a DJ for the scratches on the 1s & 2s.

If you like jazzy rap beats you should definitely listen to this. Insight is a good MC also.

Here's a clip of their concert in Japan of the song "Good Music".

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BELIZE said...

If you like that, you should peep Miles davis "Doo Wop"..that was produced by Easy Mo Bee ala Biggie's produced