Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Digital Photo Questions

I'm looking for the 2 following websites or software apps to manage digital photos. I prefer free/open source options, natch. If you have any expertise, pls hit up my comments with your opinion/expertise/analysis:

1 A website to share/archive digital photos to friends/family

2 A software app that allows one to define names, and then tag names to each digital photo. I feel this will be good for me in remembering the names of acquaintances in say 5 years later in digital photos

Help me out yall if you know anything here, in the comments.
UPDATE Lifehacker commenters have some advice here

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Mark said...

photo sharing:
flickr rules!
its free and unlimited but it stops showing pictures after 200. after that, theyre still there but they cant be viewed off your page. so the solution is to create more accounts, keep links to each one in a blog, or pay the $25 for a year.

software app:
im not so sure about this one. adobe lightroom is said to be pretty good. but its not free.

suerte huey.