Wednesday, May 16, 2007

WOAT25 Rap Album List

Belize made his list of the Worst 25 rap albums of all time (eg the WOAT25), keeping the standard of 1 album per artist. Belize asked me to make a list.

So I wasted 30 minutes of my life & made my own WOAT25 list, with the following rules/guidelines:
1 1 album per artist.

2 exclude albums that don't have rap vocals on the majority of the beats. In other words, I'm excluding instrumental rap, & albums with many singing vocals made by Artists that are usually rapping on their other albums (eg Gnarls Barkley - I actually like their album, I'm just using it as an example as an singing album made by rappers).

3 did the list very quickly. My thought is it's not worth time over-analyzing a list of albums that suck & have long since been exiled to the Recycle Bin for permanent ethering.

4 These albums aren't worth explaining WHY they suck individually. Check the RYM links for details, on a few of these I have written a review. If I don't have a review, check the other RYMers' review who say the album suck, their reasons are likely to be similar to mine.

5 I put more emphasis on beats then rap vocals & subject matter. Most of these albums have annoying beats. The rapping usually sucks also, but for some albums may even be OK.

6 The list is organized by tiers of albums which received 1.0, 1.5, or 2.0 out of 5 stars on my RYM site.

7 Historically I didn't listen to that much music. Usually I'd only check for an album if I heard a single that I really liked, or a friend recommended it. Thus, there are probably many horrible albums out there I never heard of that are "more worthy" & "more worse" for inclusion in this list. Even if I could live 1 million years, I would have no desire to "seek out" these albums to get a better "comprehensive WOAT list".


TIER 1.0/5 STARS The beats are horrible, & the rhymes suck also
1 Vanilla Ice 1990 To The Extreme
2 Kriss Kross 1992 Totally Krossed Out
3 Young Buck 2007 Buck The World

TIER 1.5/5 STARS The beats suck & the rhymes range from horrible to mediocre
4 Don Omar 2003 The Last Don
5 Diddy 2006 Press Play
6 R. Kelly & Jay-Z 2002 The Best Of Both Worlds
7 MC Hammer 1988 Let's Get It Started
8 Pitbull 2006 El Mariel
9 Canibus 2005 Hip Hop For Sale
10 Fat Joe 2006 Me Myself & I

TIER 2.0/5 STARS The beats generally suck but a few might be good, the rhymes range from horrible to OK
11 Lil Wayne 2005 Tha Carter Vol 2
12 Swollen Members 1999 Balance
13 Sage Francis 2005 A Healthy Distrust
14 Missy Elliott 1999 Da Real World
15 Timbaland & Magoo 1997 Welcome To Our World

16 Snoop Dogg 2006 Tha Blue Carpet Treatment
17 E-40 2006 My Ghetto Report Card
18 Spank Rock 2006 YoYoYoYoYo
19 Anotha Level 1994 On Anotha Level
20 Tha Alkaholiks 2006 Firewater

21 Kardinal Offishall 2005 Fire & Glory
22 Memphis Bleek 2005 534
23 Proof 2005 Searching For Jerry Garcia
24 Terror Squad 2004 True Story
25 Glue 2006 Catch As Catch Can

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BELIZE said...

So I wasted 30 minutes of my life


Good list..but Missy's CD wasnt that bad esp since All In My Grill is worth the cd itself...Snoop's Blue album is not a s bad as RNG atleast.

Cant believe u put a reggaeton