Friday, May 18, 2007

Maxim100 list - bogus

Bol has a review of the Maxim 100 list, along with the actual list.

I quickly glanced at the list, & I don't know who most of these women are. However, I can easily tell this list is bogus, & heavily biased towards white women, as well as the waif/skinny body type.

Plain Janes that are 6/10s at best such as #10 Fergie, #15 Avril Lavigne, & #16 Ashlee Simpson, beat out actual beauties like #97 Kim Kardashian or the non-rated (WTF) Jennifer Lopez, Rosario Dawson, Vida Guerra, Monica Bellucci, or Serena Williams? Very BOGUS.

I understand that these lists are bound to be subjective, but these choices are almost objectively wrong to me IMHO.

Also Lindsay Lohan, although cute, doesn't deserve the #1 spot. She is not close to being to beautiful women, what Federer is to tennis (nh?). Just check the photo (from Wikipedia), is that the most beautiful woman in the world? Hell no, "you cannot be serious" (c) John McEnroe, & "doubt it", "not buyin it" (c) Bill O'Reilly.

I will give Maxim 1 prop (not "props") for putting Jessica Biel at #5, despite being more towards the vuluptous steez, than the waif-body type steez.

I expect the dude Fux will chime in with his opinion, as he follows this topic closely in his iCandy series.

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BELIZE said...

This chicks pumpum looked loose last she gets cancelled