Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Offshoring of local journalists

The 1st known example of offshored local journalism has happened, as a local news website for Pasadena, CA hired 2 journalists in India for 20.8K salary for the pair.

The story says that 1 of the journalists is a graduate of Cal-Berkeley. Assume that that journalist is even getting the majority of the pay, say 15K. There is no way that whoever funded that Berkeley graduate's education, say 80K+ cost, will ever get a ROI on that 15K- salary.

American journalists, never had job security or good pay anyways unless they became a big-name TV douche-bag like Katie Couric or Bill O'Reilly, and those lames are not real actual quality journalists anyways. However, American journalist opportunities are further ethered if they have dudes in India with American journalism degrees "taking their yobs" (c) redneck character on South Park.

Can our douche-bag politicians stop listening to PhDee economists, and put in incentives to hire Americans, and tarriffs/taxes to hiring offshored workers? Offshoring is somewhat inevitable, but damn can't we at least have laws that discourage offshoring. You douche politicians work for the AMERICAN PEOPLE, not MNCs or foreign nationals. Pls remember that.

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