Monday, May 7, 2007

Family Research Council blasts H Clinton for fundraising with Timbaland

Fundy Xian Group Family Research Council (FRC) blasts Sen. Hillary Clinton. FRC says its hypocritical for H Clinton to support Don Imus getting fired, then get 800K from a fundraiser led by Timbaland, who says uses "hoes" in his songs. If you recall, Imus got fired for saying "nappy headed hoes" on his show when referring to the Rutgers basketball team.

Hey I'm no friend of the FRC. These are type of right-wingnut Fundy Xian douchebags that claim that fundamental realities don't exist, such as the separation of church & state in the US Constitution, global warming, or biological evolution.

But fair is fair, FRC is correct to point out this H Clinton hypocrisy here IMHO.

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