Thursday, May 10, 2007

Federer lost to Volandri

BREAKING NEWS: The Greatest Sportsman of The Decade, aka Federer, lost to local Italian Filippo Volandri at the Rome AMS tourney today.

ATP article
, & Steve Tignor live blog commentary.

This makes 4 consecutive tourneys that Fed has entered yet hasn't won, which has not happened since Fed took the #1 spot in early 2004. The tourneys are all AMS tourneys
Indian Wells (loss to Canas)
Miami (Canas)
Monte Carlo (Nadal)
Rome (Volandri)

I haven't seen any of the Rome matches, & am not following tennis too closely currently. However, this is NOT good momentum for Fed going into Roland Garros. I doubt Fed will be able to turn it around & win Roland Garros. Nadal is too sick on clay.

Recall last year Fed lost only 5 matches, now in May he's already lost 4 matches.

Maybe Fed is experiencing some mental burn-out from 3 years of utter brilliance from early 04 until now. It's not natural to lose 5 matches per year. I hope Fed can turn it around & win Roland Garros. Otherwise even if he retires with 20 non-RG slam titles, "haters" will say he can't possibly be the GOAT having never won RG.

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BELIZE said...

Federer stay losing..