Monday, May 7, 2007

How-to compress/zip files & share on the internet

Here's how you can compress a group of files & share them on the internet. Note: there is more than 1 way to do this, but this way is simple & works well.

Note - steps 1-3 you only do initially
1 Go to Note - 7Zip is a free open-source app that is free & works better than WinZip. A no-brainer to use this app
2 Download the application .exe (vers 4.42 is good)
3 When the download finishes, double click the .exe file to install 7Zip to your PC. If there are options, just pick the default options

Note steps 4-13 you do each time you want to share a group of files
4 Group all the files you want to share in one folder (eg copy/paste all the files into 1 common folder). Note - to use sendspace, your set of files must be less than 300MB. This is usually not a problem, but if it is, split your files into multiple groups, each group being under 300MB
5 Right-click on the folder, pick 7Zip>Add to Archive
6 Pick the settings
Archive format = Zip
Compression Level = Ultra
Compression Method = Deflate
7 Click "OK" to make the zip file
8 Go to
9 For the "Select file", browse to your .zip file you want to share
10 In "Your E-mail", put your e-mail address. This way you'll get a msg when your file has finished uploading to sendspace
11 Click "Upload File" to upload your .zip file over the internet to sendspace
12 After the file uploads, you'll get an e-mail from sendspace indicating the URL where the file is located at
13 Share this URL with the person(s) you want to receive a copy of the file

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