Sunday, April 29, 2007

MP3 1GB+ flash players for under $40

If you need an MP3 player, here's some cheap quality options:

1 Creative Zen Nano Plus 1GB Dark Blue MP3 Player $20 Or Less After $30 MIR

2 SanDisk Sansa e200 (2 GB) Digital Media Player $39 without any rebate process needed

Damn, to think I paid like $65 for my Sandisk 256MB in Jan 05. This MP3 player market is still improving fast each year in terms of the functionality/price ratio.


I Fux said...

Yo I just got my Ipod replaced cuz it took a shit, luckily it was still under warranty or else I would have had to anti up (no MOP) a pretty penny if I wanted another. The Worst part though was that I had 10,000songs on it from Numerous friends Libaries, So I had to buy this Program called CopyPod and up my music to a PC, since Copypod doesnt work with was really getting on my nerves thinking about losing all my music.........Hey I have been bumping that Sa-Ra as off late its pretty good.

elgringocolombiano said...

Fux, I have a Creative Zen harddrive (nh)60 GB player also. I had to "reformat" it to fix a month ago, which required losing the data. Lucky, I had the mp3s backed up

Bottom line on HD based players, you can't count on it as storage, since it can fail. Instead for backup burn to DVD-discs (50-pk for $10) or copy to an external drive

dp said...

You been on my mind (no Lil' Wang). I will sit down this week and review that spreadsheet you sent me. Good looks.

Son of a bitch, my lady just bought me a couple of .5Gb flash drives since I be on the go and the what not. Looks like I will getting an upgrade for my birthday.

Tell Fuxxx to send me that Sa-Ra