Saturday, May 5, 2007

North American Union?

According to Lou Dobbs, there is a group called the SPP that has government officials from USA, Canada & Mexico working on a process to
1 Increase border security outside of the North American continent
2 Reduce or eliminate border controls within North America, eg the USA-MEX & USA-CAN borders.

Dobbs' claim is that the SPP is part of an effort to try to achieve a North American Union regional structure, similar to the existing European Union. One main thrust would be to replace the 3 countries' existing currencies with the Amero
It's possible that at least part of these efforts in principle could POSSIBLY be good for the American public. I don't know enough to have an opinion.

However in my view any effort by the SPP & others should go through the Congressional approval & oversight process, and documented & debated by the MSM. If this is not occurring, then it's a BIG PROBLEM IMHO.

Some Dobbs clips on the issue:

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