Sunday, April 29, 2007

Slick Deals & other consumer IT sites

Here's some great consumer IT sites

Slick Deals has short great deals that often expire within a few days. They usually involve a mail-in rebate. The upside is that they might even beat the lowest price on PriceGrabber. Props to my bro GDP who put me on to this. I bought a computer monitor from a deal discovered here.

TechBargains similar to Slick Deals. PlanetBargains is a sister site which has non-IT products.

Microcenter this is a physical store chain, in the ATL, MSP & other big US cities. Apparently they also do internet retail. I bought a few items here in the store, I've found in general they son the local chain store field (Best Buy, Office Max, Office Depot, etc) on price. I've bought the 50-pack Windata DVD-R 16x speed for $10, a few times now.

Reseller Ratings apparently this is similar to PriceGrabber

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