Saturday, May 5, 2007

Linkin Park "Minutes to Midnight" album

UPDATE: My review here


FYI, the Linkin Park new album "Minutes to Midnight" has "dropped", go cop that!

First impression, it's quality. The style of music/beats is different from that of the 1st two albums. I would compare Linkin Park to The Roots, who can switch their subgenre of music & still produce a quality album every time. The songs here are mellower, without many spastic moments as on their prior albums. However, LP still merges both "hard" sounds with "soft" sounds here, which has been their trademark unique approach since their 1st album "Hybrid Theory".

Here's a video for their single "What I've Done"


BELIZE said...

hmmmm...might take a listen. all there singles are good and theve proven to be more than Limp Bizcuits weed carrier

I Fux said...

I dont fux with these guys too heavy but I would say they are alright with me. Interesting Story;

So the ex-wifey and I around 01-02 (I say around the hight of their popularity)went to a wedding of the ex's friend in LA and guess who plays wedding singer freakin' "Lincoln Park" apparently the Grooms cousin was the asian cat and the groom was friends with all them. So here I am at a wedding that I dont really know anyone but Lincoln Park is playing.....the ex had a couple of pics but my boys didnt really believe me until I showed them. Crazy .....Yo Gringo I got my hands on the new Calle 13 Ima try and listen sometime next week. Busy days and big fight tonight. Go De La Hoya and Happy Cinco, nukka!

elgringocolombiano said...

^crazy story Fux! Did Linkin just play their own tunes, or did they also do cover songs? I can just imagine dudes doing Phil Collins "Sussudio" or Jay-Z "Izzo". LOL!

Yo Fux can you sendspace that Calle 13 if you get a chance?

I Fux said...

Gringo I dont recall them covering anything, they played for like an hour or so but they did play a song I liked at the time I think it was called "in the end" or some ish, I wasnt too familiar with their work but I also dont remember them playing other people's tunes.